NFL odds and betting for Week 3 – Season 2022

We are already in Week 3! Many surprises and very aggressive lines in NFL odds and betting these first two weeks, friends. After a couple of weeks, we can already get a better idea of ​​how things look for each team. As every week, we give the lines a review and we leave you here some tips and predictions of how these lines can change throughout the week.

These are the NFL Odds for week 3 of the 2022 NFL Season:

Here I share a couple of suggestions in case you want to get ahead with your bets before Sunday.

Bills (-5.5) vs Dolphins (+5.5)

T: 53.5

This line opened at -4 and we quickly saw a move down to -5.5 after they beat up Tennessee last night. Is that movement of the line an overreaction? Rather it is an overreaction about the two Miami victories! This line is very cheap for Buffalo.

My suggestion: This line may close at -6 or -6.5, if you go with Buffalo: I’d bet now, if you go with Miami: you can wait.

Ravens (-3) vs Patriots (+3)

This line remains just as it opened, but I think it’s a matter of a couple of days before the public realizes that it’s a bit cheap for Baltimore, this may be due to an overreaction to the fact that they ended up giving up the game against Miami.

My suggestion: If you plan to bet on Baltimore do it now, I don’t expect to see any money going to the Patriots and this line may close at -3.5 by the end of the week.

Very good luck! Remember that we will see each other every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Winning Bet in our YouTube channel for more picks and deep bets.



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