New sponsor for Basketball Super League


The signing ceremony was held in a hotel with the participation of TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu, Yemeksepeti CEO Mert Baki, TBF Board Members, TBF and sponsor company executives and members of the press.

First, TBF President Hidayet Türkoğlu made a statement and said, “We are happy to strengthen our cooperation by signing our second agreement with one of Turkey’s most important brands in a short time. Having shown its support as the official sponsor of our National Teams in the past days, Yemeksepeti will further strengthen our strength as the main sponsor of the Basketball Super League next season. We would like to thank Mert Baki and his team once again for their trust in Turkish basketball.”

“Our Basketball Super League has been selected as the second most important league in Europe”


Thanking all the sponsors who support Turkish basketball, President Türkoğlu said, “Receiving the support of valuable brands and institutions in the process of spreading the excitement of basketball to large masses shows how well we are on the right track. In this sense, we are grateful to our sponsors for their support to Turkish sports and basketball. We are pleased that the quality of our leagues, which are strengthened by the right investments of our clubs, is more accepted and appreciated every season. According to the newly announced evaluation of Eurohoops; Our Basketball Super League has been selected as the second most important league in Europe.”

Mert Baki: “We strongly believe that Turkish basketball will achieve new successes”

Mert Baki, the manager of the sponsor company, emphasized that they were happy with the sponsorship agreement and gave the following statements:

“I am very proud and happy to be sitting at the autograph table for the second time with Hidayet Türkoğlu, the President of the Turkish Basketball Federation, in a week’s time. “We are in your presence at this celebration ceremony, being the main sponsor. In my speech last week, I said that I see this support far beyond financial. We came together here today to sign a new agreement that supports these feelings. I wholeheartedly believe that Turkish basketball, which has proven its success in the international arena, will achieve new successes.” we believe.”



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