new revelations about the relationship between the Mbappé clan and Diallo!

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Total change of scenery. Last night, we learned that Aminata Diallo would not have been content to sponsor an attack on her partner Kheira Hamraoui but also, with the help of her unofficial agent, to completely influence the sports policy of the women’s PSG. All with the unexpected presence of the Mbappé clan, involved against his will.

Mbappé has not linked his future to Diallo!

As Le Parisien indicated this morning, Aminata Diallo got closer to the entourage of the 2018 World Champion with the help of a former journalist from the Team, reputed to be very close to the Mbappé family. In the conversations, the police learn that Fayza Lamari mentioned the extension of the 27-year-old midfielder, then pending.

The mother of the Parisian star confirmed having had “informal and disinterested exchanges” on this subject while denying having put pressure on or linking the future of her son to that of the player. Fayza Lamari would have taken a liking to Diallo, whom she then considered unfairly accused. A documentary on the journey of the player, via her production company and with the help of American screenwriters was in the pipeline. Indeed, in the United States, we had taken a passion for this affair, which was reminiscent of that of Tonya Harding, who had also eliminated a rival with an iron bar. Photos between Aminata Diallo and Kylian Mbappé had also circulated on social networks, giving the first named wings more than ever.

to summarize

New revelations have been made about the relationship between the Mbappé clan and Aminata Diallo.



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