Never giving a chance to breathe, Dani Alves chooses Cristiano Ronaldo as the toughest opponent he has ever faced


Dani Alves duel with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Barcelona vs Real Madrid party at Camp Nou (26/10/2013).

BOLASPORT.COM – The former Barcelona right-back, Dani Alves, has chosen one player who is the toughest opponent in his career.

In his narrative, Dani Alves said that Manchester United star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was the toughest rival he had ever faced.

According to the Sportskeeda report quoted by, the reason Alaves chose Ronaldo cannot be separated from his claim that the Portuguese player never gives rest to opposing defenders.

“Cristiano Ronaldo. He doesn’t let you breathe for a second,” said Dani Alves, quoted by from Sportskeeda.

“I didn’t do badly, but it was tough.”

“He is a goalscoring machine,” Alves added.

Alves and Ronaldo often duel on the field when Barcelona and Real Madrid (the club that Ronaldo once played for) compete.

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It cannot be separated from Ronaldo’s position, who operates on the left side of the Los Blancos attack and Alevs who fills the Barcelona right-back post, making the two players often clash.



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