NES Icons – Pixel art (Super Mario, Balloon Fight…) in Nintendo Switch Online Missions and Rewards – Nintendo Switch

Since last marchthe Nintendo Switch Online has an option Missions and Rewards which as its name suggests invites you to do certain missions to obtain rewards (see details HERE.) The missions are simple: play online, launch such an NES or Super Nintendo game, use the save data cloud… As for the rewards, in addition to the rare goodies from My Nintendo, they allow you to create your presentation icon from different elements and characters from different games. The offer is renewed every week in order to encourage players to come back regularly but also to allow the creation of various and varied icons. After Xenoblade (see here) et Mario Kart (see there) players can currently create icons in the universe of Kirby’s Dream Buffet (see here) but also recently find a selection of images related to the NES. Among them characters and elements of the games Super Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball et Ice Hockey as well as images of the console and its controller. Set 1 of NES Icons will be available until next september 13 or it will be replaced by Set 2 and other images from other NES games.

As a reminder, you can play a selection of games NES et Super Nintendo by subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online. By opting for the formula Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Packyou get bonus access to virtual consoles Nintendo 64 et SEGA Mega Drive (see all the details HERE)

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