NBA: Stephen Curry acknowledges that the Warriors valued re-signing Kevin Durant: “I love this guy”

Stephen Curry revealed in the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ who had conversations in Warriors about the possibility of re-signing Kevin Durantcurrent star of the Brooklyn Nets who won the NBA with Golden State in 2017 and 2018 and lost a final in 2019 (in which he was injured).

“There was an internal conversation between us about ‘If Durant was available, would you sign him?’

There was an internal conversation between us about “If Durant was available, would you sign him?”

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry wanted to make it clear that “I have never doubted” in supporting a meeting or negotiation with Kevin Durant to discuss his return to the Warriors, a team he left in 2019 after three years to sign for the Nets.

Stephen Curry analyzed the bad times that Durant lives in the Nets, to whom this summer blackmail (“either they fire Sean Marks (general manager) and Steve Nash (coach) or I’m leaving)”.

Stephen Curry on Durant: “Certain things have happened that have damaged his ability to trust people”

“I think certain things have happened to him in his life that damaged his ability to trust the people around him, in the sense of making him feel safe at all times. I’ve gotten to know him. I love that guy,” the Warriors star said.

Stephen Curry clarified that he has full confidence in winning the NBA ring again with the current Warriors squad, but he does not forget Durant: “And if you said, “Oh, KD is going to come back and we are going to play with him” … I had a lot of fun playing with him those three years. I’d say, “Hell yeah!”



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