NBA, Simmons blames Phila and explains the non-dunk against Atlanta

In the age of meme and gods viral videosa simple action has ended – at least so far – to define the entire career of Ben Simmons. It is, of course, that unloading under the basket to Matisse Thybulle in game 7 of the series between Philadelphia and Atlanta when it all seemed much easier for the then Sixers player to score two points with a simple dunk. Host of JJ Redick’s podcast, Simmons himself finally agreed to explain the action, indicated by many as the symbol of Phila’s defeat: “It wasn’t even a 100-point basket“, is the first attempt to play down Simmons. As if to say: even if the dunk had arrived, it would have been 2 points. And 2 points are 2 points, within a seven-game series. Then, however, the player accepts today at the Nets to get specific: “At that moment I turned around and thought that Trae [Young] he would come quickly to help. At the same time I see Matisse [Thybulle] arrive from the weak side, and Matisse is a super athletic player who in an instant receives the ball, goes up and crushes. My thought was this: me I pass the ball to him, he crushes in less than a second – but I misjudged his proximity / distance from the basket. “Simmons also reveals another detail to take into consideration:” After the spin movement, I said I saw Trae, but actually in those moments you don’t see the player, you only see an opponent’s shirt“. For this Simmons did not take advantage of mismatch physical, a decision that today he too regrets: “Of course, if I look at it today, at the replay, I say to myself: ‘I should have crushed’. To see her on TV she really looks like one terrible decision“. From there, however, to become the scapegoat for the result of an entire series, even today Simmons has a hard time believing it:” On social media everyone tried to ‘kill me’ for that single play: I’m interested in the right, I know how don’t pay attention to certain things “, he concludes today.

Against Doc Rivers and all of Philadelphia

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Simmons then at the microphone of “The Old Man and the Three”, Redick’s podcast, also agreed to return to his famous coach Doc Rivers’ departure from Sixers training: “I told him that I didn’t feel ready mentally to train, but after a minute he put me on the field anyway. It seemed to me that he wanted to humiliate me“. The issues of” mental health “return frequently in the words of Simmons, critical of himself (” I did not behave as I should have “) but also very much towards the Philadelphia franchise:” I was in trouble but no one did anything to help me. Was everything I wanted: help. I didn’t get it from the coaches, nor from most of my teammatesand things got worse in this way. ”

“Brooklyn? Special team: we can win the title”

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Simmons’ last words, however, are for his new team and for the adventure that is (finally) about to begin with the Nets: “It will be fantastic, I can not wait. I am very happy, I will have a new jersey number [addio al 25, scenderà in campo con il 10, ndr], new colors, can’t wait. Our team is special, if we all work together we can become champions: this is the final goal“.



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