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After Manu Ginóbili entered the Hall of Fame, several players and former players spoke and congratulated the former player for belonging to the hall of legends, where his legacy will continue and he will be accompanied by other basketball legends.

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Shaquille O’Neal was one of those players who ran into Ginóbili on several occasions, when he played for the San Antonio Spurs and after seeing his colleague enter said room, the former Lakers center could not help but joke after congratulate him.

“I’m happy for Manu, he definitely deserved to be there, just like Tim Hardaway and Del Harris,” Shaq told international media. At the ceremony, Manu did not hold back his tears when making a reminder of what his journey was in the best basketball in the world, and after this situation, the former Laker did not hesitate to joke.

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“Real players like me, we don’t cry as much,” Shaq sneered at Ginobili. Although Manu has not made any comment yet, many fans consider the former center’s comment as a fight with the Argentine, while others see it only as a comment of friendship and congratulations for such a great achievement, being the first Argentine in history. to get that ticket.


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