NBA, Miami Heat: what to expect from Butler and his teammates

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The start of the season is getting closer and closer Miami Heat this year they want to confirm what has been shown in recent seasons. The team coached by coach Erik Spoelstra had come very close to the final NBAstopped only in the final of the conference by Boston Celtics. The roster has not undergone major changes: to report the farewell of PJ Tuckerbut the company is banking on the group it has built in recent years.

The team is equipped to win and has shown it both in the regular season and in the playoffs. In addition, it proved to be the best defense, albeit with some construction problems. Now Florida are expecting a high-level season, hoping that Jimmy Butler and teammates can return to the final. Despite great competition, i Miami Heat have proven to be one of the best teams in the league. Expectations are high; now let’s analyze the team roster.

Butler e Tatum

Miami Heat, the key players

Since arriving in Miami, he has not disappointed expectations on the pitch. Jimmy Butler he is in effect the star of the team. A few too many physical problems forced him to miss almost 30 games, but, net of injuries, the performances of Butler they spoke for him. In attack he manages to go beyond 20 points and 5 assists on average in the regular season; in defense he remains one of the best in allNBA. Although the averages seem low and that they can make us believe he does not have enough points in his hands, in the playoffs he becomes a player with over 27 points per game. When necessary he manages to raise the level of his game and his experience of him can make a difference.

Another pivot of the Miami Heat it’s Bam Adebayo: the company is betting a lot on him and this is demonstrated by the rich contract he has signed now in 2020. Also Adebayo he had physical problems that caused him to miss more or less the same games as Butler. However, he remains a top-notch center with great defensive skills and an excellent rebounder. He has shown he can do an All-Star season in 2020. He improves his stats year by year and, now in fifth, has become a certainty in the league.

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Rounding out the key players are Kyle Lowry and sixth man of the year Tyler Herro. The first comes from a not exciting season: he has not proved to be the player who had done so well to the team Toronto Raptors. Together with Udonis Haslemhe is the only one to have won a title NBA, but his role is more central than the veteran. More is expected of him and this year he has to prove that he is not a finished player. Tyler Herro, on the other hand, he had a great season, crowned with the award of best sixth man of the year. However, the problem here is another: his contract is expiring and the demands have been deemed too high by President Pat Riley. The question he asks us is: how will he manage his season in case of non-renewal?

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Miami Heat, the rest of the roster

As mentioned, the roster is competitive and in Miami they hope that a particular player can demonstrate the qualities already seen on the pitch. Victor Oladipo has spent the last few years recovering from an injury. Now the player should have found the right shape and can be an extra weapon for the Miami Heat. In particular, the team needs an offensive player, like him, who can increase points for an attack that is a bit difficult. Adding to the guards department is Duncan Robinsonwho knows how to be a very reliable shooter, and rookie Nikola Jovicwhich can raise the level defensively.

Other players who can continue to lend a hand are: Stress, Yurtusev, Vincent e Martin. They had a good season last year, helping off the bench. On some occasions, they also started in the starting quintet of Miami Heat. This shows how much the franchise believes in them and is not afraid to entrust them with the important posts. With these players, coach Spoelstra can count on a deep squad that makes the difference in the long run. They had been taken when they were on the fringes of any project, but in Florida they were reborn.

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To give breath to Adebayo as for the centers department, it’s Dewayne edmon. The player has been in the league for almost 10 years, he has a lot of experience and he can help. THE Miami Heat they also cover the long ward and prove to be fully booked in every area of ​​the pitch. However, the market can still help raise the level: a possible arrival is that of Jae Crowder who would return to Miami after the parenthesis in 2020.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat, what to expect from the 2022/23 season

The team is competitive, now we need to go all the way. Two years ago the path of the Miami Heat he had not been good due to some injuries that slowed down the team and did not allow him to be competitive until the end. The previous season, Jimmy Butler and his teammates managed to take first place in the East and to arrive prepared for the post-season. This year they will want to repeat themselves and go further than last season. They need to maintain their defensive results and improve their offensive performance.

The competition is very fierce: we start from Boston Celtics, who eliminated them last year; the Philadelfia 76ers they also want to aim for the title and take revenge on the Miami Heat who threw them out in the conference semifinals; the Milwaukee Bucks they are a title team and Giannis Antetokounmpo will want to add another ring to his finger; finally, i Brooklyn Nets must redeem the bad impression made last season.

The season of Miami Heat it is going to start. Expectations are high also thanks to the performance the team has accustomed us to. The players are ready to win, Jimmy Butler first of all, and they will all want to fulfill their dream of winning a championship NBA.

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