NBA market, James Jones explains why he didn’t take Kevin Durant

Il Kevin Durant’s missed farewell to the Brooklyn Nets it has been a topic of discussion all summer, or at least until KD and the Nets decided to continue together. One of the favorite destinations of the Nets superstar, according to when reported at the end of June, they were the Phoenix Suns, who with him alongside Chris Paul and Devin Booker could legitimately aim for the NBA title. To explain why Durant doesn’t wear the Suns jersey was the team’s General Manager James Jones: “He’s not here because Brooklyn wanted to keep Kevin Durant“he said in an interview with the Arizona Republic.” And that’s why he’s still in Brooklyn and not anywhere else. And that’s something I understand. It’s always a great topic of discussion, but one thing people forget when talking about exchanges, is that the team that has the player must be willing to sell him. And if there isn’t that will, it’s just words. It has certainly aroused great interest among fans and supporters. “Later Jones added:”There was no negotiation, at least not in depth. I think every team in the league called to find out what the situation was, but as far as negotiations are concerned, there was nothing. “When asked what he thought of the supporters’ grievances, according to which the Suns did not work hard enough. to get to KD, the answer was: “I reserve the right not to have an opinion about it, because there is no answer to be given whatever you do. My goal is always to do what is in the best interests of the team. We have made our attempts: if they go well, great; if they don’t go well, we still aim to improve and we are confident we can handle the boys we have. I don’t pay attention to what the fans think or to those outside the conversations because they work with partial and limited information. “



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