NBA: “Hunting” Michael Jordan’s son dating Scottie Pippen’s ex: the evidence of their romance

A beginning of september a news published by the web TMZ shake the foundations of the NBA Chronicle in Pink: Michael Jordan’s son could date Scottie Pippen’s ex.

Larsa Pippen (48 years old)ex-wife of Scottie Pippeny Marcus Jordan (31 years old)second son of Michael Jordanwere photographed together in Miami unleashing the rumor.

A few days later, Larsa Pippen denied her romantic relationship with Michael Jordan’s son: “I’m not dating Marcus Jordan, we’re just friends”.

But now it is TMZ again that presents evidence about the more than possible sentimental relationship between Pippen’s ex and Marcus Jordan.

Larsa Pippen and Michael Jordan’s son were recorded by TMZ dancing close and in a loving attitude (holding hands and making faces) at Rolling Loud in New York.

The bad relationship between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen: the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ just spoiled everything

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen won six NBA rings together in the Chicago Bulls, although it seems that both are not going through their best moment, especially after Scottie’s harsh criticism of the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ by ‘Air’ Jordan: “The The last two episodes, like the previous eight, glorified Michael Jordan without making much of me or my teammates.”

“Now here I was, in my mid-50s, seventeen years since my last game, watching us get demoted once again. Going through it the first time was insulting enough,” said the legendary Bulls forward.

Scottie Pippen went a little further in his attacks on Michael Jordan in 2021: “I’m going to go so far as to say that Michael Jordan has ruined basketball.”

“In the ’80s, in the schoolyards, everyone was playing moving the ball, passing it to help the team. In the ’90s that ended. Everybody wanted to be like Mike. Well, Mike didn’t want to pass, he didn’t want to rebound and He didn’t want to defend the best rival player. He wanted everything done for him and everything done for him. That’s why I think LeBron James is the best of all time. He does everything and involves his teammates,” Pippen tried to explain. .



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