Nba. Boston, Mazzulla with the shadow of Udoka. Tatum: ‘Discovered everything on Twitter’

The coach is still not sure he will lead the Celtics after Udoka’s dismissal: Snyder or Vogel are the most popular names among those “possible”

“We can be heroes, just for one day” sang David Bowie. Joe Mazzulla in that musical text perhaps we meet again: he has that face a bit like that, of a hero by chance. He finds himself head coach, albeit interim, of the Boston Celtics, overnight. Like a bolt from the blue. It is not yet known whether the greens will find better on the market. Coach Snyder or Coach Vogel are the most popular names among those “possible”, but in the meantime Mazzulla finds himself catapulted to the center of the navel of the world, at Media Day in Beantown. The suspension of Ime Udoka automatically promoted him, mors tua vita mea, the Latins said. Only time will tell if he will be able to seize the moment, if the revolving doors of destiny will have done him a favor or will have inexorably “burned” him, faced with a task greater than himself. Newcomer in the role in the NBA and also small, in stature.

The word

“I know who I am. I know why I coach and why I am here. My identity is supported by faith and concentration on what I have to do, I must not be distracted by circumstances. The most important thing, the priority, is that I and the players are on the same wavelength. In moments like this we must maintain empathy towards others “. Respect to all the protagonists of a surreal story. Indeed Udoka, stopped by his franchise for having sex with a Celtics employee, plus wife of a big shot, a vice president, it seems. Moreover, the internal regulations prohibit affective liaisons. Brad Stevens, former Celtics coach, now chief executive, found himself judging his successor beyond the sporting results, beyond the Finals just reached, in 2022. Unfortunate situations. Dirty laundry that the Celtics couldn’t wash in the family. Red pen errors, severe. Mazzulla does not throw the first stone at anyone. He has already been there, in a much worse way. “The arrest for domestic violence in my past? I’m not perfect, I made mistakes and I learned from the ones I made as a young man, I became a better person, like that.” He is only 34, however, let’s not talk about prehistory …

The players

Marcus Smart stands out with his green hair and the usual chutzpah, to the microphones as on the parquet. The Boston director certainly does not hide: “It was hell for us, because we know nothing, we found ourselves at the mercy of the wind”. Better to learn quickly to orient yourself. How does Jayson Tatum, the franchise man of the future, try to do in the executive plans: “How did I find out about Udoka’s stop? Me..a, on twitter, just like all of you”. But the sudden change of scenery, to which two other major hindrances must be added – the injuries that will keep Danilo Gallinari out of action for the whole season and Robert Williams away from the court for at least two months – is not synonymous with downsizing, in the head of the Duke University winger: “Can we still win the title? Absolutely. I believe it, and every one of the guys in this locker room believes it.”



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