Nantes: a man violently beaten with golf clubs, before being stabbed

A 22-year-old man took refuge at 38, rue Watteau, in the Dervallières district, known to be a notorious deal point in Nantes, after being chased on the night of Sunday September 18 to Monday September 19. He was violently hit with golf clubs.

The man is seriously injured

Around 1 a.m., Monday, September 19, the police were alerted by witnesses, who claimed to have seen a man being loaded into the trunk of a Clio, parked in front of 38, rue Watteau, in Nantes. When the police arrive, they find the car there, but no one in the trunk. It was then that firefighters arrived to rescue a seriously injured, stabbed and beaten man.

We do not know more for the moment, but according to the first elements of the investigation, the victim, who took refuge at 38, rue Watteau, was chased. In the hall, he would have received several stab wounds from two men, while a third man was keeping watch. The victim managed to climb to the 8th floor of the building, where he would have found refuge with a couple.

Two suspects arrested

The man was found by the police at the home of the couple who took him in. Also present, two other men, aged 17 and 22, unclear about the reason for their presence, reports Ouest France. On one of them, the keys to a car parked next to the Clio were found, along with cocaine. They were arrested and taken into custody.

As for the victim, she was taken to the emergency room of the Nantes University Hospital, after the laying of a tourniquet by the firefighters. His vital prognosis was not then engaged, but the police found golf club heads in the hall of the building, proof of the violence of the blows received. A few hours before, shots had been fired at the door of the hall of the same address, without it being known yet whether the two cases are linked, according to the daily.



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