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“My Bayern” is the name of the column by SPORT BILD reporter legend Raimund Hinko, which deals with the German record champions. Hinko has been with Munich for decades.

Dear Hansi Flick,

I’m almost embarrassed to point out that I wrote a week ago that after the defeat in Augsburg Bayern would drop to mid-table in the Bundesliga, dangerously close to a place that only entitles them to participate in the conference, what for them is synonymous with relegation battle. Still, they would win against FC Barcelona. Because it’s easier for them to win the Champions League this season than the German championship for the 11th time in a row.

I don’t want to think all of this through because a large part of the team will be with you this week, their ex-coach, the man-catcher Hansi Flick.

Nothing is more comfortable for the players now than a soul doctor who is also the national coach. Even during your time as a Bayern coach, you understood how to mix successes such as a Champions League victory, championship, cup, World Cup and two Supercups with empathy. Sorry that I have to joke a little at this point: Dr. Flick mends tousled, torn nerve cords. That has never been better than today.

There have often been times in the past when Bayern players traveled to international matches pissed off, frustrated, humiliated and returned with renewed self-confidence.

The prime example is the European Championship quarter-finals on April 29, 1972. Bayern lost 2-0 at Glasgow Rangers in the semi-finals of the European Cup, lost 5-1 in Cologne and lost 3-0 at MSV Duisburg in the Bundesliga -Pack. And then came the game of the century at London’s Wembley Stadium with six Bayern players. With Sepp Maier in goal, Paul Breitner as left-back, Katsche Schwarzenbeck as Geoff Hurst’s guard, Franz Beckenbauer as libero (invented the RambaZamba interplay in this game with Gladbach’s Günter Netzer), with goal scorers Uli Hoeneß and Gerd Müller. After the 3:1 they came back as heroes, became German Champion with the DFB European Champion with 101 goals, won the European Cup two years later and then celebrated the World Cup.


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So it’s high time to make history again next Monday, September 26, in the Nations League match against England, again at London’s Wembley Stadium. Similar to the casual, intellectual national coach Helmut Schön, the man with the cap, you too, dear Hansi, will not overload the team with details, will not follow them with laptops, will not paralyze them with videos. The best thing would be Franz Beckenbauer’s proven saying: “Go out and play football.” That would mean seven Bayern players this time (Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Müller, Jamal Musiala, Leon Goretzka, Leroy Sané, Serge Gnabry) definitely liked. Albeit with clear guidelines, a clear flick system.

My colleague Jörg Althoff, head of sports at BILD Munich, gave me a lot to think about when he calculated in a “double pass” that Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann would not have won eleven of the last 24 Bundesliga games, including the second half of the season. ELEVEN! Nagelsmann had long since slipped the cabin, said Althoff, an experienced journalist, not a rowdy brother.

The coach slipped the dressing room – this accusation led to the surprising end of Carlo Ancelotti on September 28, 2017, the reigning Champions League winner with Real Madrid, the only coach to have won the championship in all five major leagues, a super -Types. Also at the end of September during the Wiesn period.

It is not yet a fire hazard for Nagelsmann.

But a brainstorming session plus a survey among my competent circle of acquaintances revealed that only someone like Jupp Heynckes could be trusted to take over Bayern. At the age of 77, the grand master will certainly be careful not to take on such a suicide mission. Some also trust Thomas Tuchel, the dismissed Chelsea coach, with some reservations.

Ultimately it is up to the team how far they follow Nagelsmann. You can do a lot this week to ensure that your successor makes it, you can save him. Do it, Hansi! With a win against Hungary on Friday and another game of the century on Monday at Wembley. Also in honor of the Queen, who supposedly always had a heart for the Germans.



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