MotoGP 2022. Aragon GP. In the accident, an open suit for Fabio Quartararo. Alpinestars: “We are analyzing it” – MotoGP

The French pilot suffered several burns on his chest. We contacted the Italian company that produces the suit to find out more

September 20, 2022

Pis lazy fourth time in just over a year we have seen one hinge of a whole of a MotoGP rider that it opened when he had to instead remain closed.

Two of these four times it happened to fabio quartararo (at Montmelò in 2021 and last Sunday in Aragon), An A George Martin and one to Aleix Espargaro (after the violent fall at Silverstone he had the suit open).

The suits of Quartararo and Martin are from Alpinestars that of Espargaro’s Ixon.

Last year after the episode in Catalunya (with a penalty for the driver) the Italian company had developed a new hinge, which should have avoided other similar cases.

In previous episodi the suit had opened during the race while this time it seems it is open during the fall of the Frenchman, which took place in the first lap of the GP, when he hit the Honda of Marc Marquez.

Quartararo in the accident (rather dramatic to see: here the explanation given by Marc Marquez and the VIDEO), got some chest burns.

There are still images (like the one you see in the photo below) where you seem to see that the suit is open.

A still image of the accident with the pilot’s suit that seems open

Alpinestars’ words

Uno spectator during Zam’s Sunday broadcast with Loris Reggiani he asked: “Would Quartararo with the undersuit have spared the abrasions?“, a question very interesting to which we, however, cannot answer.

It is probably true that the French in addition to wearing the rib protector (mandatory) he does not wear any technical jersey under his suit. contacted Alpinestars. The company explained: “At the moment we can say that the suit arrived today and was transferred to our laboratory for an in-depth analysisafter which we will be able to provide more information “.

All that remains is to wait, it is one safety issue of the pilots.



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