Monzón won and there will be a duel of Corrientes in the Cordovan Challenger

Bruno Ariel Giménez

After almost five years, there will be a crossing of Corrientes in the professional tennis circuit. Is that Ignacio Monzón, after earning a place in the main draw of the Villa María Challenger (Córdoba), after successfully going through the classification, in the draw to define which rival he had to face in the first round, his fellow Lautaro Midón came out.

The last time that two Corrientes faced each other in the professional field was in November 2017 and it had Ignacio Monzón as the protagonist. Back then he faced the now retired Agustín Velotti. It was within the framework of the Future 8 in Corrientes, played at the Tennis Club. On that occasion the victory favored Velotti 6-2 and 6-3. In that contest, the Roland Garros Junior champion kept the subtitle after losing the final to the Brazilian Daniel Dutra Silva 6-4 and 7-6(3).

To access the “main draw” of the Cordovan tournament, Ignacio Monzón yesterday beat his compatriot Mariano Kestelboim 6-0 and 7-5, in one hour and 41 minutes of play, in a match corresponding to the second round of qualifying. It will be the fifth time in his career that he has entered the main draw of a Challenger tournament.

Opposite will be his fellow countryman Lautaro Midón who received a wild card (invitation), to be part of the main draw of the contest, which takes place on courts with clay surfaces and distributes more than 45 thousand dollars in prizes.

For the youth from Corrientes, who has just faced the United States Junior Open, his last commitment as a youth, it will be the third time that he disputes the main draw of a Challenger tournament. The last time he participated in a contest of this category was last June, when he competed in the Corrientes Challenger and reached the second round.

The duel between Ignacio Monzón and Lautaro Midón will take place today from approximately 12 o’clock on court 2 of the Social Sport Club, venue of the competition.

The history of crosses between local tennis players

It took almost five years for two tennis players from Corrientes to face each other in the professional tennis field. The last duel took place at the Argentina F8 Futures, in Corrientes, played from November 6 to 12, 2017. There, Agustín Velotti won 6-2 and 6-3 over Ignacio Monzón. In that contest Velotti was runner-up.

Leonardo Mayer and the Curuzucuateño Sebastián Decoud was another of the duels between tennis players from Corrientes and they faced each other four times. All were victory of the Yacaré Mayer. The matches took place within the framework of the ATP Challenger Tour. The crosses took place in Puebla (Mexico) 2006, Graz (Austria) 2007, -in those two contests he was runner-up- Cali (Colombia) 2008 and Villa Allende (Argentina), 2012.

In 2010, in the Future 2 of Paraguay, Agustín Velotti and José María Paniagua were measured. It was victory of the first 6-1 and 6-2.

In March 2012 in Mendoza they were also measured in the frame of the Argentina F3 Sebastian Decoud and Jose Maria Paniagua. It was the victory of the Curuzucuateño 6-4 and 6-1



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