Miscellaneous: Henry knocks out the VAR

Asked during “Leaders Week” about video refereeing in football, Thierry Henry was not tender with the VAR. The former French striker believes that its use wastes too much time.

“In football we are always late, we have so much to learn, he judges. What I can see in American football, rugby, cricket, tennis, is that decisions are instantaneous. What annoys me with VAR is that it’s not fast enough and then it’s always someone’s decision in a truck or whatever because it’s not not the VAR that decides. The VAR only recalls the situation.”

The 1998 world champion also observes that VAR prevents spontaneous celebrations after a goal. “After you score, you don’t even know if you should jump for joy. Am I jumping? Am I celebrating? Am I not celebrating? It kills the joy of the game “, lamented the former Arsenal striker.

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