Millonarios Copa BetPlay complaints from fans about ticket office against Independiente Medellín | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

Millonarios got the place in the grand final of the BetPlay Cup, after a long-suffering match against Independiente Medellín, where he surpassed him overall and managed to unbalance the series, despite the momentum of the powerful, who tied the series, during the first 45 minutes .

However, not everything was happiness for the blue fans. Well, during the week, they complained strongly about the attention received from those in charge of selling the ticket office, alleging great delays in the sale, release and solution to certain requests, to have the tickets for the semifinals.

In addition, within the multiple responses to fans and subscribers, there was talk of the need for them to go to a physical point, so that they could access the entrance. Despite this, hundreds of followers were left without their entry.

In the afternoon hours of Wednesday, Tu Boleta, as the company in charge of the logistics of ticket sales, released a statement, presenting excuses for the situation “There were delays in loading the tickets for Millonarios subscribers, which which affected some buyers. However, our customer experience area responded immediately by contacting customers, resolving the situation and allowing subscribers to attend the stadium”.

Additionally, the total capacity of the stage was not enabled and it was evident in El Campín, with two spaces in the east, where there was a police presence, making the respective separation.

At a press conference, David Silva was questioned about the situation experienced by the fans, to which he replied “the truth is that it was half full, thanks to those who came because one felt it was full. There are things that we do not manage, but halfway, at 100% capacity, those who come, we want to give them the greatest happiness, because they make an effort to come see us. We will always like to play with people, they are in good times and bad. Only words of thanks remain with them.”



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