Millionaires and a litmus test: six games in fifteen days | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

For Alberto Gamero and Millonarios the remainder of the tournament will not be easy at all. At a time when the national teams are preparing with the aim of reaching Qatar in the best possible way, as is the case of Costa Rica, which will face South Korea and Uzbekistan, and the Colombian National Team, which will face Guatemala and Mexico, in this case to mark the start of Néstor Lorenzo without a World Cup, makes Gamero have more sensitive concerns.

And it is that, Millonarios is one when he has his full starting list and another when Alberto Gamero needs to make variations in his starting lineup, proof of this was the defeat in Manizales against Once Caldas. Added to this, a childish participation by Álvaro Montero earning an avoidable red card in an action that opened the comeback with a converted penalty by Ayron Del Valle.

Millionaires, not only because of the expulsion of Álvaro Montero will lose the goalkeeper, but also because of the call to the Colombian National Team on this FIFA date. Juan Moreno will be the starting goalkeeper, replacing him during the concentration of the national team. In addition to the guajiro, Andrés Llinás will not be able to help the ambassador team during these two days as they are the second Albiazul player on Néstor Lorenzo’s list. Two noticeable lows clearly.

However, the account does not stop only in two referents such as Álvaro Montero and Andrés Llinás, since Juan Pablo Vargas was also summoned by Luis Fernando Suárez, leaving the defensive defense very affected. To the calls for their countries, the injury of Larry Vásquez is also added.

David Mackalister Silva, Daniel Ruiz, Luis Carlos Ruiz, Carlos Gómez and Juan Carlos Pereira appear as the references that will have to guide Millonarios to a good port during these commitments where they will not be able to count on names with a lot of noise in defense and in midfield. In addition, it is no secret to anyone that the BetPlay League is played in a very intense way with games in a matter of every two or three days off.

This being the case, the physical intensity on date 13 is already beginning to be felt as well. Millionaires, added to the absences, must be careful not to overexpose their players on the field of play, as they could also cause sensitive injuries.

And it is that Millionaires cannot lose more players during these weeks. Well, apart from playing in a matter of days and having little rest, they have a tight schedule. One that will start on Wednesday the 21st against Junior in Barranquilla by BetPlay League, then on Saturday September 24th against América de Cali in Bogotá, two games in which he will not be able to take into account Andrés Llinás, Álvaro Montero and Juan Pablo Vargas, added to Larry Vasquez’s doubts.

Subsequently, Millonarios will return to Barranquilla to face Junior in the first match of two for the BetPlay Cup final on Wednesday, September 28, one day after the second match between Costa Rica and Colombia, where the question will remain whether those summoned will be able to be on the pitch Then in the month of October they will have two exams against Bogota clubs, on a visit condition. The first of that month, they will face La Equidad, and the Bogota classic on October 6. Fortunately, after the capital derby, they will have a ten-day break.

The schedules are already confirmed, and there will be six games with breaks of three or four days in between. Next, the Millionaires agenda:

1. Junior vs. Millionaires, Wednesday, September 21 – 8:15 PM

2. Millionaires vs. America, Saturday, September 24 – 4:30 PM

3. Junior vs. Millionaires, Wednesday, September 28 – 8:00 PM

4. La Equidad vs Millonarios, Saturday October 1st – 6:10 PM

5. Santa Fe vs. Millonarios, Thursday, October 6 – 7:30 PM


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