Michael Jordan’s valuable advice to Shaquille O’Neal

During a promo interview for the latest NBA 2K, Shaquille O’Neal shared one of the best tips he’s ever received on a pitch, from His Highness Michael Jordan :

“Even though Michael Jordan was playing against me, all my friends were for him. No one had ever dunked me, so they wanted Jordan to dunk me, so they could say behind me ‘Haha, he got you!’.

So in my head I say to myself ‘if he approaches the circle, I have to put him down’. Jordan attacks baseline, I put him down. But I feel bad for doing this, it’s Mike, I’m like ‘my god what am I doing?’. And when I go to pick him up he tells me ‘never help anyone to get up, good fault’. It showed me that he was tougher than I thought, and he was absolutely right. When you knock someone down, turn your back on them and walk away, show them it’s not going to be easy. »


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