Messi’s abusive requests to renew with Barcelona come to light

Leo Messi’s departure for Paris in 2021 was an authentic trauma for the Barcelona fans. who had been his banner and greatest icon left the club between tears, a year after his first attempt to leave the Blaugrana club. This Wednesday, the newspaper The world has revealed a series of emails between the father and representative of Leo Messi, Jorge, his lawyers and the leadership of FC Barcelona, ​​with Bartomeu in charge, in which you can see the evolution of the negotiations between the player and the club focused on the renewal of the player in 2020.

Due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, said renewal seemed complicated. Although he still had a year left on his contract, andl Barça considered a priority continue counting on the Argentine star in their ranks. According to El Mundo, the first step was taken by Bartomeu on May 4 through an email in which the culé president detailed the first club proposalwhich had the intention of “agreeing on the renewal for one more year with a section indicating that each of the following seasons will automatically be renewed if Leo doesn’t say otherwise by April 30.” A priori, Jorge Messi showed his predisposition to reach an agreement, and at first he replied by requesting a Family box at the Camp Nou and a private flight a Argentina for the entire family on Christmas.

The 11th of Junejust a month and a week after the first contact, Jorge Pecourt, lawyer from Cuatrecasassent a new e-mail to Bartomeu, to Oscar GrauCEO of the club, already Roman Gomez-Pontihead of legal services, in which they were put in copy George Messi y Alfonso Nebot, responsible for the ‘Family office Leo Messi’. In this new document appeared a new list of requests from the ’10’ to accept the renewal.

  • Contract until 2023 with the possibility of a unilateral extension for Leo Messi

  • The player’s fixed salary would be reduced by 20% of the fixed salary of 2020/21, recovering 10% of said salary in 21/22 and the other 10% in 22/23 (with interest of 3% per year)

  • Payment of loyalty bonuses pending collection with interest

  • Box for the families of Messi and Luis Suárez

  • Private Christmas flight for the whole family to Argentina

  • In the event of contract termination, payment of the deferred amounts should be made in the 2020/21 season (plus interest)

  • Bonus for signing the renewal contract of 10 million euros

  • Increase in remuneration in the event of a tax increase

  • Elimination of the termination clause, which would go from 700 million euros to a symbolic amount of 10,000 euros

  • Renewal of Pepe Costa, head of the player service office and Messi’s ‘assistant’, so that his contract would last as long as the player’s

  • Signing of commitment by the club to pay Rodrigo Messi, Leo’s brother, the commissions owed to him

After studying these new requests, FC Barcelona asked the player to increase his salary reduction by up to 30% because that was the percentage that they estimated was going to be the drop in income for the club, to which Jorge Pecourt, Leo Messi’s lawyer, replied that “the effort on the part of the family is very great because next season their compensation decreases considerably, but both Lionel and Jorge accept for the good of the club».

Two weeks later, On June 25, Josep María Bartomeu rejected several of the points demanded by Messi’s entourage. he was not willing to lower the termination clause to 10,000 eurossince he considered that it would be interpreted in the world of football as they leftthe door is open for the Argentine to leave the club. Either agreed to pay the renewal premium of 10 million euros due to the difficult financial situation of the club, stopping any increase in the player’s income until the financial situation of FC Barcelona improved, putting the 1.1 billion revenue as a reference.

This response from Bartomeu Messi and his entourage didn’t like it at allwho decided to refuse the requests of the president of the club and gave for negotiations closed. In the month of August came the controversial burofax in which the Argentine crack asked to leave the club free. The player ended up playing one more season for Barcelona, ​​but a year later, and despite Laporta’s insistence that they would do everything possible to retain him, Leo ended up leaving in tears for his current club, PSG.



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