Max Kruse is a nice person, says Wolfsburg coach Niko Kovac

TRainer Niko Kovac does not see the currently unclear future of Max Kruse, who has been sorted out from the sport, as a burden for the VfL Wolfsburg team. “There were no problems at all. There is nothing negative to report about Max as a person – on the contrary. He’s a nice person,” said Kovac on Friday at the press conference for the next Bundesliga game at Union Berlin this Sunday (3:30 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga and at DAZN) about the first week of training in Wolfsburg since the former international was eliminated .

“Everything was good – so there’s nothing more to say about that,” said the coach. Kovac had informed Kruse before the 1-0 win at Eintracht Frankfurt that he would no longer play a game for VfL. However, the 34-year-old is still training with the team because a transfer to another club is currently not possible and talks about terminating the contract are still pending.

In a first reaction to this decision, Kruse defiantly noted in an Instagram video: “I decide for myself when my time in the Bundesliga is over. Nobody else decides that for me.” Kovac made it clear again on Friday that only Kruse’s Bundesliga time in Wolfsburg was over for him. “I’m definitely not the one who can decide that for other clubs. But I helped decide that for this club,” he said.

Before the direct Bundesliga duel on Sunday, Kovac praised the surprise leaders Union Berlin. “The intensity that this team drives is unique. 90 minutes up and down. They are present in every duel. Anyone who is first after six matchdays has definitely done a lot right,” said Kovac.

He does believe “that Union will be very high in the end,” said Kovac. “But I don’t think Union will be the ones who will dethrone Bayern. Surely everyone wants someone else to become champion – why not Union? But the desire is one thing, and we have to be a bit realistic. If someone makes it, it’s definitely more of a different team.”



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