Marseille Fans Pull and Rip Tottenham’s LGBTQ Flag


From Tottenham Hotspur Vs Marseille from Liga Champions leaving fans behind. There is also a Pride Flag moment, which is often called LGBTQ flagbelonging to the home fans pulled and torn by Marseille fans.

Two goals from Richarlison, on his Champions League debut, gave Tottenham all the points in the first matchday of the Champions League thanks to a 2-0 win over visiting Marseille.

When the final whistle sounded, as summarized from and the Mirror, Marseille supporters were said to have thrown a number of items onto the field. Visiting fans are also claimed to have tried to ambush Spurs supporters and stormed onto the field.

From the video circulating on social media, Marseille supporters also indicated pulling and then tearing the LGBQT flag in the corner of the stadium. The rainbow flag which has the “official name” Pride Flag has the Spurs logo on it.

The actions of the Marseille fans at the Tottenham headquarters in the process made the authorities intervene. London police have confirmed that five Marseille fans have been arrested.

It was also stated that a police officer was suspected of having broken a bone in his hand while trying to arrest a fan who was suspected of acting up.

Due to this incident, Tottenham and Marseille have the potential to be punished by UEFA because they both cannot control their supporters.




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