‘Make Citizens Shine’ The 66th Suwon City Sports Competition begins for two days

3일 오전 수원시배드민턴전용경기장서 개막식 갖고 2일간 열전
이재준 수원특례시장 비롯 1천여명 참가…24개 종목 기량 겨뤄

A view of the opening ceremony of the 66th Suwon Special City Sports Festival. Reporter Kim Young-woong

The 66th Suwon Special City Sports Festival held an opening ceremony at 10 a.m. on the 3rd at the Suwon Badminton Stadium and began a two-day battle.

Hosted by the Suwon Special City and Suwon Special City Sports Association and organized by the Suwon City Sports Association, the competitions include gateball, national technology, archery, ground golf, basketball, billiards, Go, volleyball, badminton, bowling, mountaineering, soft tennis, swimming, and ice. 6,880 players participated in 24 sports including hockey, baseball softball, woodball, foot volleyball, jumping rope, soccer, table tennis, tennis, park golf, aikido, and Haedong Kendo.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 people including Suwon Special Mayor Lee Jae-joon, Suwon Special City Council Chairman Kim Ki-jung, Suwon City Sports Association Chairman Park Kwang-guk, lawmakers, provincial and city council members, group heads of each sport, and athletes.

The opening ceremony started with the dedication ceremony of the winning flag (ship) of the Gyeonggi Sports Festival, followed by the opening declaration by Moon Ok-joo, vice chairman of the Suwon City Sports Association, followed by a welcoming speech by Lee Jae-joon, Mayor of Suwon Special, Park Gwang-guk, chairman of the Suwon City Sports Association, and congratulatory remarks by Kim Ki-jung, chairman of the Suwon Special City Council.

In addition, Seo Jeong-ho and Hyun Ok-mi (badminton) took the oath on behalf of the male and female players.

Lee Jae-jun, Mayor of Suwon, said in his welcoming speech, “This competition is a festival where everyone becomes one under the name of Suwon. Sport is great. It is not important to win and score a lot, it is more important to not give up and to be enthusiastic and impressed by sports. I would like to thank the athletes of all sports for their hard work, and I hope that it will be a festival where everyone can become one.”

Park Gwang-guk, chairman of the Suwon City Sports Association, said in the speech of the event, “This competition is a festival for sports enthusiasts, and it is a meaningful competition to improve the health and quality of life of citizens. I promise that I will always work in harmony with the sports people living in the gym. I hope you can show off the skills you have honed in this competition to the fullest.”

By Kim Young-woong

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