Macalister Silva: strong statements and self-criticism in Millonarios after a tie with Medellín today | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

Millionaires qualified for the final of the 2022 BetPlay Cupbut he suffered more than necessary to seal his passage, as Independiente Medellín complicated it in the first part of the second leg of the semifinal: he tied the series, but the ambassador brought out his caste in the second half and tied the match, despite the fact that he played with ten all the complementary part.

One of the goals was the work of David Macalister Silva, referent of the Bogota team, and leader of the midfield. ‘Maca’ breathed easy for the goal accomplished, but he did not escape reality, and was self-critical in his words.

“We cannot let ourselves be carried away by joy, and we have to be self-critical. We lost the ball, we went long and we gave advantages. There were many mistakes of eachSilva said in Win Sports.

Then he raised his tone to say, “I think It is the worst first time we have had in the era of the Gamero teacher”. Subsequently, Silva revealed that at halftime there was a hot moment in the Albiazul locker room, which served to react and come back.

“We had self-criticism. We told each other what we had to say in the dressing room; without being rude, without becoming arrogant at any time; but being aware that we were playing a step to a final. And playing a step to a final, or playing a final, is not that constant, so we had to be aware of that, “said Macalister.

Finally, he highlighted what had been done in the complementary part. “They are two totally different times: a second time in which we get gallantry, self-love, we matched up with Luis Carlos (Ruiz) holding the two central defenders of DIM, to go eight against eight. We also tied the game with something we needed, which was goals from set pieces. Just as the first half is to make a lot of corrections, the second was to understand that we know how to suffer”.

And he did not forget the albiazul fans: “The fans are a plus. We felt sorry for them, because there are many people who make a great effort to come and support us, so we are happy that we all leave happy (…) It is one more step in everything that has been done in this process. We hope to be up to the task in the final”.



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