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On September 25, the 2022 Sunac Service Owners National Basketball Competition Finals kicked off in Chongqing. Since the registration was launched on July 16, 62 teams from 10 cities across the country have signed up, and more than 2,000 owners have participated in the competition, from the city trials to the city promotion competition, and then to the national finals. The Kunming city team overcame obstacles and experienced fierce battles all the way, and successfully joined the staff team in the finals. In the end, the Chongqing city team won the championship in the strong duel.

Advocate national fitness to create a harmonious community atmosphere

Sunac Service adheres to the service concept of “perfection and beauty”, provides customers with a better life experience, continuously improves and enhances comprehensive service capabilities, and is honored to become the official property service provider of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games this year. In the face of honor and trust, it is even more necessary to take active responsibility.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has raised national fitness as a national strategy. The successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games have also greatly enhanced the enthusiasm for the national movement.

At the moment when the country is vigorously calling for and promoting national fitness, Sunac Service responds to the call, actively explores, takes basketball as the origin, creates a new coordinate of the concept of healthy life, contributes to the colorful Asian Games entering the community, and continues to create a civilized and peaceful national fitness system. community atmosphere.

Cao Hongling, president of Sunac Service Group, said that this basketball game aims to build an interactive platform for the neighborhood, create a harmonious community, and create a dynamic neighborhood life with the owners. In the future, Sunac Services will continue to dig deep into the needs of owners, create more rich and exciting community activities, and continue to work hard to create a beautiful community atmosphere of “home, life, and confidant”.

Neighbors work together to build a better community

The 2022 Sunac Service Owners National Basketball Competition fully demonstrates the active, healthy and hard-working youth style of the owners. Just like the theme of the competition, “Love is more than youth”. Regardless of victory or defeat, the basketball game has inspired the owners to live their lives. Enthusiasm, harvest the joy of sports in every collision, and make life more colorful.

“This basketball game has brought new surprises to life. I found like-minded friends through basketball, and deepened the connection in each game. I hope there will be more games like this in the future, so that everyone can play in the community. Find friends in the family who share a common love.” In an interview after the game, a participating owner said this.

Neighborhoods are an important part of life and a source of nurturing vitality. Although the game is over, the owner’s love for basketball remains. Sunac serves the holding of the national basketball competition, and makes the concept of sports health become popular in the community. With basketball as a link, we use a series of community building activities full of sports enthusiasm to inject more vitality into the community. As a leader in healthy life, Sunac Service always advocates the “sports +” lifestyle, and strives to make sports a daily routine for the owner’s family, and build a healthy and beautiful life with the owner.

This year, Sunac’s service community has been renewed and upgraded. The “i Sunny” community activities have been held in nearly 100 nationwide. With the concept of “harmonious neighbors, meeting confidants”, it advocates that young people have fun, old people have fun, and young people have love . This basketball competition is a national large-scale community event specially aimed at the youth groups who love sports. It also allows the basketball community to continue to grow and develop in the Sunac community, and brings together more friends and neighbors with common hobbies. Our healthy lifestyle continues to take root in the community, and I hope that all financial entrepreneurs can rekindle their love, gain resonance, and enjoy more love and company.

Take sports as a link, and be accompanied by beauty. In the future, Sunac services will continue to enrich the neighborhood life scene, build a social platform for neighbors who share the concept of common life and interests, connect the owners and neighbors, and build a warm place for life and spirit with the property.



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