Lionel Scaloni will continue to be the coach of the Argentine National Team until 2026

Lionel Scaloni had anticipated its continuity

Lionel Scaloni He had anticipated, at the end of the pre-World Cup preparation for Qatar with the 3-0 victory over Jamaica in New Jersey, that he has “everything very well oiled with the president of AFA, Claudio Tapia, to continue after the World Cup.”

“Today we had a special moment as a coaching staff to close four brilliant and unforgettable years, and it was exciting because we enjoyed them a lot thanks to the players”, Scaloni confided in the post-match press conference at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

“Regarding today’s match, it was difficult because Jamaica is a very physical team and it helped us to test and vary the system. But above all, the balance of these two friendlies is positive because the team strengthened its line of play knowing what to do in each moment of a meeting”, appreciation.

Lionel Scaloni He then remarked that he “wanted to continue in a team like Argentina’s. And I have everything oiled with Tapia to do it. If it wasn’t like that, I wouldn’t be here just for the results. I am grateful to the president of AFA. Later, I that it will be in the World Cup we will see”.

“And in that work there are cases such as the summons of Thiago Almada who has the conditions to be with us although many are surprised. And for that reason he will be in consideration for this World Cup, but if not, because of his youth he has a huge future as to be further ahead,” he said.

“Like Qatar I don’t go with my chest inflated because there are great teams, but we managed to make Lionel Messi and his teammates feel comfortable and ultimately where “Lío” is best is on the pitch. And that’s why it will be difficult to put together the list definitive of 26 members”, admitted.

“And you have to enjoy Messi, because as happened with Roger Federer in tennis, when everyone found out that he was retiring they already started to miss him, and that’s going to happen with him.

Of this selection, we must highlight the sense of belonging that all its members have, because I consider that if a group is not doing well, great things are not achieved. We have great players and a better group”, he concluded.

Lionel Scaloni Finally

The word of the players

“The truth is that I did not know, but it is very good that this happens to give continuity to this project”, pointed out a couple of minutes later the steering wheel Rodrigo DePaulwho heard the news on television.

“Those of us who have been in the national team for a while know that Scaloni is demanding himself and us and we hope that this renewal is the best for him and the best for the national team”, added for his part the central marker Nicholas Otamendi.




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