Les Sables d’Olonne. 140 new members of the Olonnes Sports Retreat Association

The Arso (friend of the sports retirement of Olonnes) is 33 years old. She is one of the pillars of the Sablais associations. With more than 900 members, it held its general meeting this Thursday, September 22, 2022 in Le Havre d’Olonne, in Sables d’Olonne (Vendee).

Forty activities offered

We have over 140 new members this year. I remind you that 30 sports and 10 cultural activities are offered. From February 2021 to May 2022, we have made available twelve volunteers per day, i.e. approximately 120 people, during vaccination campaigns. I want to thank them especially”, underlines the president, Jean-Luc Poupart.

Four new features are on the program this year: the discovery and use of all the functions of a smartphone, discovery walks and visits to exhibitions for people who cannot move without assistance, one-hour group walks with his dog under the advice of a canine educator and a partnership with the Colibri association for people with disabilities or with autism has planned slots in the evening for badminton, tennis, games and, above all, creating links.

Office : Jean-Luc Poupart, President; André Rio, vice-president: Claudine Leblond, vice-president; Paula Delhumeau, treasurer; Thierry Grosso, secretary.

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