Leo Ponzio’s farewell in River: Gallardo’s reaction to Francescoli’s tremendous goal

The Uruguayan put together a barbaric play, with a pipe included, and defined next to the right post of Lux’s goal. The goal provoked Gallardo’s reaction.

Leonardo Pontius plays his farewell match in a Monumental stadium full of people and figures from River, now and from the institution’s past.

One of those present at the tribute match to Ponzio was Enzo Francescoli, who once again showed his talent with a great goal that provoked a reaction from Marcelo Gallardo on the substitute bench.

Leo Ponzio’s farewell: Francescoli’s goal


Leo Ponzio's farewell: Francescoli's goal

Leo Ponzio’s goal in his farewell could not be missing

León also had his goal and in this case, as usually happens in dismissed matches, the protagonist had his chance with a penalty. And it didn’t fail…

Ponzio’s penalty goal


Ponzio's penalty goal

More goals from Leo Ponzio’s farewell: Nacho Fernández, Cavenaghi’s heel and D’Alessandro’s great goal

Leo Ponzio’s farewell match pitted the Red Team against the White Team, and in the first he was Nacho Fernandez, who was in charge of opening the scoring in the Monumental stadium.

Leo Ponzio’s farewell: goal by Nacho Fernández


Leo Ponzio's farewell: goal by Nacho Fernández

Enzo Pérez was also present at the net with a subtle definition, in the farewell Fernando Cavenaghi’s heel could not be missing and Andrés D’Alessandro scored a great goal

Enzo Pérez’s goal in Ponzio’s farewell


Enzo Pérez's goal in Ponzio's farewell

Fernando Cavenaghi’s goal in Ponzio’s farewell


Fernando Cavenaghi's goal in Ponzio's farewell

Leo Ponzio’s farewell: great goal from D


Leo Ponzio's farewell: great goal from D

Loco Abreu had a penalty and… he stung her

Abreu’s goal in Ponzio’s farewell


Abreu's goal in Ponzio's farewell

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