Laver Cup: At Federer farewell – protester storms court and lights arm


Making CupAt Federer farewell – protester storms court and lights arm

A curious scene occurs at the Laver Cup on Friday afternoon. A protester disrupts Roger Federer’s farewell day.

Hard to believe: At the Laver Cup, a fan storms onto the court and sets himself on fire.


  • The big farewell to Roger Federer is planned for Friday at the Laver Cup in London.

  • Before that, the tournament is disturbed by a demonstrator.

  • This lights a fire in the middle of the court.

Shock moment for the tennis fans at the Laver Cup! In the second individual game in the afternoon, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman duel when a climate activist enters the court in the O2 Arena. And not only that – the young man sets himself on fire, causing a great stir in the arena. Seconds later, the activist is carried out of the hall by three security guards.

Known activist

Video of the incident immediately went viral on social media. On site, a security guard told 20 minutes that the man was probably on drugs. However, this could not be finally clarified. Apparently the man is said to be a 20-year-old member of an organization called – “End UK Private Jets”.

On the group’s website, the young man claims that carbon emissions in 2022 are genocide. The Laver Cup activist has circulated a number of videos in the past expressing his stance. The game between Tsitsipas and Schwartzman continues without further interruptions after the scene. In the end, the Greek easily won the game 6:2 and 6:1.

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A demonstrator storms onto the square and lights a fire.

IMAGO/Action Plus

The man is eventually taken away by security forces.

The man is eventually taken away by security forces.

IMAGO/Action Plus

“Stop UK Private Jets” reads the message on the man’s T-shirt.


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