Laura Sincholle (Elan Aveyron): “Nobody expected it” –

Laura Sincholle looks back on the surprise victory of Elan Aveyron basketball at Chalosse (67-63), Sunday September 18, during the opening of the National 3 season.

What do you remember from your victory at Chalosse?
If you have a super happy because with no strength for the match in counted on winning, against a big chunk of our championship. This did not mean that we were going there without ambition. We are proud of our performance.

What did you expect from this meeting?
We knew that if there was anything to be done against them, it would be that day. On the first day, the big teams are not always experienced and they lacked two important players and the coach, suspended. But it’s still a small feat on our part.

What was this match played on?
Defensively, in applied the coach’s instructions well. We never gave up and we were united until the end. As the match went on, when we saw that we were in front or not too far behind, we believed more and more in ourselves.

Was a victory against one of the group’s favorites the best thing that could happen to you in order to turn the page of a summer marked by administrative relegation and then a repechage in N3?
certainty No one expected us to win there. This will give a boost to our young group. We couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the season.

With this success, will there be more expectations for the sequel?
You will have to confirm. It is up to us to tell ourselves that we are capable of doing well. But we’re not the kind of team to get overconfident. Maybe others will pay more attention to us. On our side, we will have to be able with the same desire.

Your team debuts in fourth season in N3 (first under the name CTC Rodez agglo). Is this your best victory at this level?
We savor it full! If you want to achieve courtesy, face your enemy who does not have the same starting plan as us and who does not often lose at home.

At personally, you shone with 20 points scored…
I had success in my free throws and my shots. Then I let myself be carried away by the dynamics of the team.



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