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“Irlava” convincingly copes with “Bauska”

The first round of the ELVI floorball league for men ended in Kurzeme, where this evening “Irlava” hosted “Bauska”, a long-time resident of the Premier League. A convincing victory was celebrated by Irlavniki, who defeated their guests with 10:5. Kaspars Klamers and Aivis Hammer scored four points each for the winners.

The first alarm bell rang for the Bauškėsians already in the 2nd minute, when Kaspars Klamers, the former captain of Liepāja FK “Kurši”, opened the score of the game with an accurate shot by the new addition of the Irlava team (1:0). It is interesting that he was assisted by another former resident of Liepāja – Gints Siliņš. After exactly four minutes, the score became 2-0, as the long-time attack leader of “Irlava” Kristaps Kazlovskis scored his goal. In the middle of the first period, Bauska’s floorball player Pēteras Zeltiņas responded with a goal – 1:2. By the time of the first break, Klamer managed another effective program, which restored the home team’s two-goal advantage – 3:1. In the middle of the game, when the score was already 5:1, Kristians Čakans from Bauška scored two goals in a row within a few minutes, thus restoring some intrigue – 3:5. Irlavnieki did not let go of the initiative, responding with three unanswered goals until the second break – 8:3. In the last period, each of the two teams scored two goals, thus “Irlava” could celebrate the victory with 10:5 and start the new season with three points in the tournament table.

The best player award among the winners went to debutant Kaspars Klamers, who was very effective – 4 (3+1) points. His teammate Aivis Hammers was equally productive, with 4 (1+3) points on his account. 3 (2+1) points for Kristaps Kazlovskis, but with 2 (1+1) points, Renars Austrus stood out. Goalkeeper Jānis Gožu was recognized as the best among the players from Bauškės, who saved 25 of 35 opponents’ shots. In his team, Pēteris Zeltiņš was the top scorer with 3 (2+1) points, while Kristiānas Čakānas scored two goals. After this victory, “Irlava” takes the 2nd place in the tournament table. Another Kurzem team – “Talsu NSS/Krauzers” – is higher than the Irlavians.

“Irlava” – “Bauska” 10:5 (3:1, 5:2, 2:2)

Throw ratio:

35:29 (14:12; 11:8; 10:9)

The most successful:

“Irlava” – Kaspars Klamers 4 (3+1), Aivis Hammers 4 (1+3), Kristaps Kazlovskis 3 (2+1), Renārs Austrumis 2 (1+1), Gints Siliņš 2 (0+2), Renārs Stančiks 1 ( 1+0), Edgars Taube 1 (1+0), Mareks Stančiks 1 (1+0), Kristers Tiltiņš 1 (0+1).

“Bauska” – Pēteris Zeltiņš 3 (2+1), Kristiāns Čakāns 2 (2+0), Ralfs Akmentiņš 1 (1+0), Gustavs Pļevoks 1 (0+1), Jānis Akmentiņš 1 (0+1), Matīss Dulbe 1 ( 0+1), Aksel Indrijaitis 1 (0+1).



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