Kyle Guy, the new hero of the Rock who fights against suicide and mental disorders

BadalonaKyle Guy is only 25 years old and has just landed in Badalona, ​​but he has already been loved by the workers and fans of Joventut. The player, who has already dared to use Catalan in a promotional video, exudes involvement. “I’m very curious, I’m constantly asking questions. Maybe the colleagues get a little angry with me. But everyone got along really well and I have a good relationship with everyone. When I signed for La Penya, I started looking for information about the city and the history of the club, and it was clear to me that it was the right place”, he says.

Guy has a foundation with a very clear goal: “Try to make this world a better place.” Their way of raising funds and making donations is atypical, as you can choose which cause the money goes to. “We cover a wide range of causes and partner with specific charities to make people’s generosity turn into lives. Our goal is to serve, help and unify communities around the world,” he explains. Some of its actions are related to the prevention of suicide, mental disorders, mental well-being, social integration of the homeless and immigrants, human trafficking or climate change, ecology (clean water) and the fight against poverty

Joventut de Badalona, ​​who this Saturday play the semi-finals of the Endesa Super Cup against Barça (9:30 p.m., #Vamos), have a lot of sporting hopes placed in Guy, who during the pre-season scored 27 points against Básquet Girona or 19 against Partizan Belgrade. “The only thing I want is for us to win. If I score a lot of points and we win, fine, but if I leave with zero and we win, great. I just want to play and let’s win”, he says. After a great season for La Penya, Guy is ambitious and wants the team to continue growing and for him to become part of the history of the green-and-black club. “When I came into Virginia they had never won one final four of the NCAA. I wanted to do things that had never been done before. And what I want to do here is the same, put the name of La Penya at the top of everything, in the Eurocup and the ACB, and try to win both competitions”, he says.

The Escorta de la Penya stands out as an excellent shooter and a great scorer. The American is capable of shooting both over the top and off indirect blocks and is a specialist from long distance. The last three seasons he has played in the NBA, where he has defended the shirt of the Sacramento Kings and the Miami Heat. “I never had the opportunities I was looking for. When I was in the NBA, I didn’t play much and one of the reasons I wanted to come to Europe is to play more and win. These two goals came true when I signed for La Penya” , he confesses.

“A good dressing room mate”

Unlike other scorers, Guy is not a selfish player. “One of my main virtues is that I am a good teammate and in the dressing room I get along well with everyone. On the court Pau Ribas is the one who gives me the most advice. Off the court I have a great relationship with the young players because I live with them “, explains the player, who has a one-year-old son. In Badalona he feels very comfortable and it is common to see him walking or in an ice cream shop. “I already had notions of the culture here, so the transition is being smooth and I haven’t had a big shock. The relationship with the fans is similar to the one I had in Virginia,” admits the American.

“I’m still adapting, but the training here is harder and more physical. They also have a more competitive edge, but I like that”, analyzes Guy, who this Saturday will have to face Cory Higgins, Kyle Kuric or Alex Abrines.



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