Kevin Sanjaya and Herry IP Must Introspect!


The polemic that took place between Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo with the coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi, unfortunately. Both were asked for introspection.

The names of Kevin and Herry IP have become a public conversation since Monday (26/9). Not because of their achievements, but because of the rift in the relationship that occurred between the two until they finally became public ‘food’.

Herry assessed that Kevin was no longer suitable to be trained by him. Meanwhile, Kevin, felt that he was on the threshold of his patience, so he decided not to work with the trainer who was nicknamed the Fire Dragon.

PBSI, through Secretary General Fadil Imran, said that they had brought the two together and were still looking for the best solution. Kevin is also said to be still undergoing training at the Cipayung National Training Center.

However, the conflict has already become a public discussion. It was also regretted by the living legend of Indonesian badminton, Christian Hadinata.

“Actually, it’s a shame, what has been built with great difficulty, and from the first we know that the men’s doubles have good regeneration, stable performance, always being the mainstay of the five numbers. Don’t let it get lost or decrease, fall apart, just because of things that actually don’t work. significant,” Christian told detikSportTuesday (27/9/2022).

“There should be some introspection between coaches and athletes. From the coach’s side, no matter what Harry Of course, he wants his athletes to perform well regardless of their shortcomings and weaknesses. So are the athletes. He has to think that he can be a champion too because there is a big role from the coach. So this must be realized by each party,” he explained.

“Just remember, it was nothing from the beginning. After that, everything has a name, all kinds, all in abundance, why bother with that.

“It’s all been achieved, what is not significant is actually being brought up and caused, it’s not good either.”

“So you have to go back to the beginning, before you became a great athlete, a great coach, not yet achieved anything, from scratch. And after everyone worked together, supported, and both became great, the coach and the athlete actually came up with various things, which No, it shouldn’t be open to the public. It’s better if it’s done inside,” the 1980 world champion in men’s doubles and mixed doubles appealed.

What’s done is done. Conflicts between coaches and athletes that previously seemed harmonious are now no longer in line with the problems that surfaced. Moreover, Kevin himself is said to no longer want to be trained by Hery IP.

“It’s still important that we have to work on it first (find a solution). We have to meet. Especially between Herry IP and Kevin, or with Kevin/Marcus. It’s discussed well and intensely, it doesn’t have to go anywhere, or to what extent, without interference from other parties. -the other side,” Christian says.

“This is really their problem. What do they want Kevin, what Herry wanted. So correct each other and try to improve in the future. If not, the coaching conditions and conditions in the men’s doubles will not be good,” he added.

“Because we worked hard to build the men’s doubles sector from scratch. It means that people used to not be seen, did not become a mainstay, and now reaching the peak of achievement is so great. Of course, things like this can be annoying and destructive, it’s really a shame.’

“Don’t let a building that is already great from the outside but rot on the inside. So what we used to follow, continue to praise in the doubles sector, it turns out to be so. It’s not chaotic, so it’s a bad precedent for the men’s doubles.

“So we as men’s doubles players and coaches, don’t you look at this, ouch, why is that possible?” Christian emphasized.

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