Kendall Jenner combines casual pants with Adidas Samba sneakers

Even to go for a coffee, Kendall Jenner she seems to be the coolest model in terms of style. Only she could make a faux-leather trench coat look so casual with sweatpants and a white T-shirt. The perfect complement? Some sneakers, but not just any pair, we are talking about the sneakers that we will find in the closet, above all, of style prescribers who share their work on the catwalks.

The creator of 818 tequila, Kendall Jenner, was photographed on the streets of New York wearing the sneakers in question: some Adidas Samba which he has worn on more than one occasion. Apparently they are your favorite sneakers when it comes to very informal outings; Just this year he was seen in Los Angeles getting into his truck with the same model, but in a black version.

Kendall Jenner wears Adidas Samba sneakers.THE HAPA BLONDE

When we think of the German sports firm, sneakers like the Stan Smith or the Gazelle probably come to mind, but when we talk about the Sambawe are also facing a classic for lovers of sneakers. His story takes us back to the 1950s (1950s, to be exact).

The Adidas Samba they were conceived by Adi Dassler, an expert in the making of sports shoes, and this model, curiously, was not planned to be worn by artists or celebrities, it was made for the courts, something evident in its silhouette that reminds of some tacos soccer football Its name is a reference to the famous Brazilian dance, since they were launched within the framework of the FIFA World Cup that was held in Brazil, in that year.

Kendall Jenner with matching Adidas Samba shorts and shirt.


The models that have made the Adidas Samba one of their favorite sneakers

His way to the feet of the models of the moment is long, but it has been thanks to personalities like them that these tennis They have become cult shoes for casual wear.

we have seen them in Bella Hadid, for example, who for several months adopted them as her basics to complement her off-dutty outfits. Her easiest look to replicate definitely has to be with baggy jeans and a simple gray t-shirt.



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