Juventus Monitor De Zerbi To Replace Allegri


Massimiliano Allegri’s position as Juventus coach began to shake after a bad start at the start of this season. Now news has emerged that the Bianconeri are starting to consider finding a replacement.

Reported by Sportmediaset, there is Roberto De Zerbi who is now being monitored by Juventus. He remained in the status of Shakhtar Donetsk until last July, but resigned due to the war raging in the country.

Currently, De Zerbi is also being targeted by Brighton & Hove Albion, as reported by Calciomercato. He is projected as a replacement for Graham Potter who moved to Chelsea, and talks between the two parties are still ongoing.

Juventus itself still doesn’t look like it will sack Allegri. The allenatore is also reluctant to back down and is confident that he can turn the situation around, even though he has already received scorn from supporters.

In addition, Allegri’s contract value of 9 million Euros per year (according to Sky Sport Italia) which must be paid until June 2025 is also believed to be a consideration for Juventus management not to rush into making decisions. The club’s board of directors is believed to still be giving him time.

Of the eight games that have been undertaken this season, Juventus have only won two. In Serie A they are eighth in the standings with 10 points, while in the Champions League they have lost two.

Juventus will face Monza on Sunday (18/9) at 20.00 CEST before the club level competition is temporarily closed due to the international break. If they fail to win again, the pressure for Allegri is predicted to be even greater.



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