Juve, the reaction after the Var mistake with Salernitana: there are no excuses

The captain was the first to react on social media, the company was perplexed by the Hague note and the decision to change the referee’s fair assessment

When you are the captain of a team, burdens and honors touch you. On Sunday evening, Leonardo Bonucci showed up first on the penalty spot to sign the draw with Salernitana, with the thrill of the rebound after Sepe’s save, then to the media microphones to comment on the match and the cancellation of the 3- goal. 2 of Milik running out of the game, precisely because of his (non-existent) offside. The Juventus leader, together with Max Allegri, was the first to highlight how the decision of the Var to send the referee Marcenaro to the video not only aroused doubts on the merits, but was completely unmotivated for the position of Candreva that he kept in play Bonucci himself.



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