Juve, Allegri risks: there is the Montero idea

The defeat against Monza weakened the position of the coach: for Arrivabene the change of technical guide would be madness, but in the case an internal solution emerges

Maurizio Arrivabene associated the idea of ​​a sacking of Max Allegri at this point of the season with “madness”. But certainly neither he nor the fans would have imagined a collapse of Juve so evident in Monza, in an almost ideal context to redeem the bad evening of the Champions League against Benfica. The last defeat (the first in Serie A, the third of the season) pushes the team away from the top (by 7 points) and – after seven matches – holds in negative (-1) the comparison with the last championship, in which the false start ended up weighing in the championship race. All this further weakens the position of the technician.


The latest reflections on the physical condition of the team, which lasts at certain rates no more than twenty minutes per game and then collapses, as well as having already counted numerous muscle injuries (eleven, in two months), give Giovanni Andreini a greater centrality in management. , a former collaborator of Roberto Donadoni who was hired by the club last summer to oversee athletic work and the entire performance sector. Max Allegri is not in question for now, but he is no longer untouchable. In short, the theme of exemption remains in the background and potentially current in the absence of a turning point that can put Juve back in the running on all fronts. Of course, supporting a removal of the coach would mean facing another unforeseen expense, at a stage in which Juve is trying to make ends meet and make their project more sustainable.


In short, the internal solution, which leads straight to the name of Paolo Montero, would remain the most realistic but also credible. For his sense of belonging to the club (an aspect that seems to be missing a little too much – the team – in recent weeks) and, consequently, for how the fans would welcome him in this moment of crisis. The Juve environment at this moment wants to recognize itself, it is hungry for that identity that has always distinguished it in the face of difficulties. The former defender, now at the helm of the Primavera squad, is recognized as one of the most representative Juventus men in Juventus’ DNA. But it still remains an emergency hypothesis, to be implemented eventually later: it would mean, in short, no longer finding solutions to the problems, and having further compromised the season.



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