Junior – Millionaires live online: BetPlay Cup Final, live

Junior from Barranquilla

The team led by Julio Comesaña sees in the BetPlay Cup the opportunity to access the Copa Libertadores without having to qualify for the final home runs of the League. For this duel, the Uruguayan coach will put his best on the field with the intention of taking advantage in a series that will be defined in November in Bogotá.

“There are players with a lot of minutes and they will stay. Against Millionaires we cannot have tired players. There are others who will go because they are in a position to do so and those who have not been playing will do so as well. We hope to be up to the task,” said the coach.

Junior’s moment in the League is not easy at all since for some dates he has been out of the group of eight and will have to chain several victories in a row to be able to aspire to a quota and fight for the star of the end of the year in Colombia.



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