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Talk about Junior y Julio Comesana, is to mention a relationship of several decades. Despite the departures, distancing, happy and sad moments, they meet again, when they are most needed.

Being a shark technician is not a task for everyone. There are aspects that go beyond sports, relating to human quality. That seal, which makes each individual special and unique.

Comesaña case, returned for the tenth time. Junior wants it and he wants the shark. Conquests transcend, because it has gone through difficult times, times of little abundance. But also, he has that special touch, to lift a team, earning the affection of a demanding fan base.

Together, they look better. In the midst of the agitation that being Junior’s helmsman represents, training and concentration, the Uruguayan spoke with FOOTBALLRED. Beyond a game idea, proposal and others, from the human part; with which he has conquered the heart of Barranquilla.

First view of the Junior campus, from the emotional and sports

I would have to speak after I saw them training. They were good, eager, attentive. In the run-up to the Santa Marta game I saw them united, constantly talking about how you had to give everything to win. Aware of the moment, we did not say much, many things to organize.

We were fortunate that the effort that was made gave a positive result. We won the series on penalties, against a good team that is having a great campaign. A classic of the coast that has not been lived with such intensity for a long time. It was a nice night for us.

Things to correct from the tactical and with the shortcomings of the past in Junior

things that are thick, for me, you have to attack them. I like that the teams defend well, that they do it well, when they don’t have the ball. Work on that, keep touching on aspects that the team has built, that I might like. Everything that the players can do, in its characteristics, is welcome.

What they can not do, you have to ignore it and look for solutions. We will seek to improve with the little time to do tasks, because we have to recover a lot, the health of the boys. What needs to be improved may be almost imperceptible, but for us they are important things that we must learn to manage within.

I like that the teams defend well, that they do it well, when they don’t have the ball

Special touch of Julio Comesaña, to direct Junior and a complex dressing room

for Junior or any club, the coach is not only the one who has knowledge of soccer, who is trained to train a team, he achieves it by reading and with the courses. The difference is made by the people, the way they are, their temperament, authority, commitment and love for what they do.

The unwavering desire to move forward, overcome difficulties, to always be disciplined, infecting everyone with the example. Those things make a difference, the knowledge can be had by anyone who studies, who has played football, you learn to train.

You surely have a talent for what you do or for other things, which you discovered or will discover, that another person does not have. Players and human beings are like that. Directing a soccer team, more with the pressure that big teams have, what Junior is and means for people, is not fixed by knowing tactics or strategy or training.

There are things that are handled with other areas. I think that I, as a human being, have values ​​with which I manage myself, examples of my behavior, of how I approach my things, that have been in all the clubs that I have been to. In some I did not have the success of not giving a championship, but I achieved important things, in other orders.

In Junior, it was the place where I found everything. The affection of the people, the triumphs, championships, players and the confidence that people have in me, generates more confidence in me, it is reciprocal. I always make this commitment with everything I have to give. I don’t keep anything and the day things don’t work out for me, as I have already done, even when I leave, I don’t take any responsibility, if I know that I can’t fulfill what is required in a job, then these behaviors have distinguished.

Already as a coach, I will be able to have good things, not so good, there will be many better ones. No problem.

what Junior is and means to people, it cannot be fixed by knowing tactics or strategy or training

In Junior, it was the place where I found everything. The affection of the people, the triumphs, championships, players and the confidence that people have in me, generates more confidence in me, it is reciprocal

Varied squad, compared to the previous ones with Junior

I can’t say that this one is worse or better than others. Junior has had, with me, teams with excellent players. Like the one of 2018, of 1991, 1993, 2019 and the one of these times. Players have come and gone. Junior’s squad has players to make a pleasant, harmonious soccer, without taking away what we all want today.

Everything evolves, it is played at a dizzying pace, without forgetting that what should run faster is the ball. To run on the pitch, you have to run for something, not run for the sake of running. To score and press, you have to prevent the rival from progressing to your own goal, not from running around everyone. It is to run in an organized way. There are good players here, the ideal would be to strengthen them, in what they are good at, improve them.

Societies must be set up, in what we consider to improve their performance. I don’t put so much mystery into this.

To run on the court, you have to run based on something, not run for running

Tenth stage with Junior. The last one or a prolonged stay in the future?

I have a contract with Junior until December 2023. What I always say, is by decision of the institution, as happened with Medellín, that I said that I did not agree, I did not protest, but it seemed to me that we made merits to continue. The leadership made the decision and it is respected.

It’s the same here, the day the leadership understands that I shouldn’t be there anymore, they’ll call me, they’ll sit with me, we’ll have a coffee; They will tell me: we fix things and it’s over. The day I understand that I don’t give what Junior needs, that I’m not fit, that I shouldn’t be in the club, whatever; in the same way I sit with them and say: I’m not here, let someone else come, that’s life.

Junior will not end because I leave or come. no one is essential, there will always be people who come and overcome the things of the other, otherwise, what would the world be? It would never evolve. I understand that and practical. If you look at my background, I practice it in different places. This will be no different, hopefully I can finish the contract well, that the team works, achieve goals in this part of the year, in the auction; we have to do the best we can.

At the same time, review what we will do in the coming year. It is not necessary to wait from January, but from now, how things will be designed.

The day that the leadership understands that I should not be there anymore, they will call me, they will sit with me, we will have a coffee; They will tell me: we fix things and it’s over

Series against Millionaires in the Cup and rest time for the blues for a League duel

That’s not fair. I’m not saying they want to hurt us, it’s just a matter to review. One comes from playing every three days, we are up to the task, we have to come and play at home. Arriving on a Monday afternoon to play Wednesday night against Millonarios, who has just rested for 10 days.

You have to find a way that does not harm anyone, to have a couple of days of recovery, it seems to me. I don’t know if I’m wrong, but you have to make an effort so that the competition is even.

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