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Junior again left points away from home, making a terrible campaign as a visitor. The Barranquilla team lost the coastal classic, against Unión Magdalena, at minute 90.

In the midst of the anger that the defeat generated, due to the context and what happened in the duel, Junior’s coach, Juan Cruz Real, said this about the commitment.

Continuity of Juan Cruz Real: it is a question that I cannot answer, tomorrow is getting up and working. I don’t abandon projects, I look for solutions.

It was even until the expulsion, hard and locked. Pacheco’s change was for yellow. The Rosero theme and we had to play with the change windows theme. In the middle with Rossi, we wanted to strengthen the middle. Unfortunately they draw us quickly, we are left with one less. In the end they write us down and we actually lost because of our mistakes.

Junior’s irregularity in the final minutes: I have no explanation, because you have to be focused until the end, attentive. More when one is left with one less player, that is an advantage in modern football. There is fatigue, but today we were not accurate in that.

In my head, emotionally, there is anger. I try to be strong, we have to recover and continue working. There is no other option. All weekends and games are finals, when there is a stumble, you have to get up.

Message to the Junior fans: what I can say is that we have to keep working. Our visit campaign has not been good, we must be self-critical. The points go to us for our own mistakes. From my part it is to continue working, raise my head.



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