Julio Comesaña statements on his return to Junior, official presentation | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The Uruguayan coach Julio Comesana was presented on Monday Junior from Barranquillato which he returns after his last step in 2020 and directing Independiente Medellín in 2021. It will be the tenth cycle of who has already won five titles with the shark, the most recent, for the Super League against América de Cali.

Comesaña signed a contract until December 2023 and arrived with the purpose of conquering the tenth red and white star. His return occurred after the departure of the Argentine john royal cross, after a goalless draw at the weekend against Deportivo Pereira. The coach who has addressed Junior the most times asked to leave the outgoing strategist alone, whom the fans fired with insults and attempted aggression in the last game.

If Junior needs me and I’m fit, I have to say present“It was Julio Comesaña’s phrase that echoed the most at the press conference he gave this Monday at the club’s headquarters, in which he was presented as the new coach. “If they didn’t need me they wouldn’t bring me. If they have chosen to bring me back it is because they trust what can be done”, He mentioned before the criticism that could come for his return.

The Uruguayan who after his departure from Junior in 2020 directed DIM, assured that he is happy to return home. “I’m happy again for Junior for fulfilling the commitment I have to make. I don’t know if I’m so used to this place, but for me it’s as if I had never left.”

Likewise, he mentioned that he finds a renewed squad in relation to the last one he directed in 2020, assured that he has talented players and a receptive group. “I have found a group with a good state of mind and we have to achieve football stability. There are excellent players here, several of them are mature, with a long history and great values. That values ​​the whole. We are going to try to get the best out of every player, because we need them all”.

In the end, Comesaña referred to Junior’s next challenge and that is to come back against Unión Magdalena to meet Millonarios in the Betplay Cup final. “We need to win by two goals difference. If it’s by one, we’ll go to penalties, and we want to avoid that definition and face the game properly, being intelligent and playing the game well”.



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