Judo team Holten: First belt test for the youngest a complete success

(JTH) 09/22/22 – The first belt test for the youngest judoka of the judo team Holten was successful: everyone passed.

First belt test for the youngest

“Even the longest journey begins with a first step,” as the saying goes in China. This is also true in judo, where the kyu belt tests mark the path that judo students take in their development. Last Monday, nine of the youngest judoka on the Holten judo team passed their very first 8th Kyu exam.

A complete success

Prepared conscientiously by their trainers Jens Impelmann, Matthias Czepull and Alexa Kala, Hanna Fischer, Leonard Grendel, Marie Grendel, Ilyas Hussaini, Johanna Lübbe, Lotta Marie Siebert, Lian Suster as well as Umut and Utku Yildiz passed their white and yellow belt Test. All examinees are now entitled and obliged to wear their new belt. More information on the Club website and up Facebook.

Belt test at the judo team Holten.  (Photo: Judo Team Holten)

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