Juan Fernando Quintero would change teams: Vasco Da Gama interested if he leaves River Plate | Colombians Abroad

Jun Fernando Quintero is injured and that joke about ‘it doesn’t matter when you read it’ doesn’t make River Plate happy.

Since he ventured for him to repatriate him after a difficult experience in Chinese football, he continues to hope that he will once again be the one with the feat at the Bernabéu, the idol that left, the one with the golden left foot.

His balance of 5 goals and 6 assists in 29 games is insufficient for everyone, starting with him, who has seen how he falls again from a call-up for the Colombian National Team due to physical problems. That is why a radical but, perhaps, necessary decision opens the way.

The journalist Jorge Nicola suggests that if it is not River, there is life outside of Núñez and there is a clear suitor for the Antioquian: Vasco da Gama. It is worth saying that the creative has a contract with River until December and that the Brazilian club, which is in the second division, points to him not for right now but for the post-promotion campaign.

The analyst said that the negotiations between Quintero and Vasco da Gama are on the right track and that the player’s agent, Rodrigo Riep, is expected next week in Rio de Janeiro to finalize details.

Quintero knows that he cannot continue wasting time if he wants to wear yellow again and he does not rule out a Brazilian adventure. After all, if it was enough for James to get to the Olympiacos stadium to be among the 26 called up, why not him?



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