Jorge Vilda defines himself as a “talkative” coach

Jorge Vilda, Spanish women’s coach. / efe

The women’s coach, backed by the FEF despite criticism from most internationals, assures in an interview that his “door is always open”

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The controversial Spanish women’s soccer coach, Jorge Vilda, defined himself as a “dialogue person” and stated that his door “is always open” before a group of 15 internationals, later supported by Alexia Putellas, sent the FEF an email email in which they warned that they will not attend a La Roja call again until the situation is “reversed” in the national team.

«I am a person of dialogue and my door is always open to talk and to solve things. They are football situations. We are going to continue working to get to the World Cup in the best conditions”, said the 41-year-old coach from Madrid in an interview for the October issue of ‘Esquire’ magazine.

Vilda talks about the geometric progression that this sport has experienced in recent years, the values ​​on which it is based, her professional future and the controversy surrounding internationals. «I have had offers outside of Spain, further away, closer, but I am where I want to be. My commitment to the federation and to Spain is total. We have a great team, we know what we play, the people respect us for the way we play and I am where I want to be”, stressed Jorge Vilda.

This story took place before the last ordeal launched by a large group of footballers, who claimed emotional and health reasons for not returning to Spain at the current juncture. They denied, however, having called for their coach’s dismissal.

The players did not speak clearly, but the newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’ anticipated the real reasons for their rejection of Jorge Vilda. Apparently, they can’t stand him anymore due to excessive control and extreme surveillance. According to the Catalan media, Vilda forced the soccer players to keep the doors of their rooms open until midnight to check in person that they were there before sleeping, something that the internationals consider to be an attack on his privacy. According to sources close to the soccer players, it was Vilda himself who was in charge of closing the doors of the rooms.

Sources close to the players also assure that the coach, apart from reviewing their posts on social networks, controlled them when they went to buy, to the point of reviewing their bags and their content. And they even had to say who they were going to have a coffee with, for example. Faced with what they consider a “dictatorial” control regime, the players felt “embarrassed.”

In another order of things, the 41-year-old coach explains in this interview that defeat is a feeling “much more powerful than victory.” «In football or in any sport. When you lose, there is a digestion process. I feel strong to continue because we have an exciting season and a very nice challenge in the World Cup », he said.

“Pureest football”

In his opinion, women’s football is “purer”. «He does not have the picaresque of the masculine. I would love for it to stay that way. The protagonists are the players who are on the field. The coach has his space, each one his own », he indicated.

He admitted that the injury of the Ballon d’Or Alexia Putellas, 24 hours after debuting in the last European Championship, was an “atomic bomb”. “It had to be managed on an emotional level. The most striking thing is the strength that Alexia has, it was extraordinary to see how he encouraged the rest », he pointed out.

Vilda confessed in this interview that the worst moment of her sporting career took place when she found out that Virginia Torrecilla, an Atlético de Madrid player and one of the captains of the Spanish team, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Vilda’s dilemma

Jorge Vilda, who continues to cling to the position that links him for at least one more year with the Spanish Football Federation chaired by the controversial Luis Rubiales, faces a week after the planting of 15 footballers, supported by Alexia Putellas, seriously injured in one knee .

In principle this Friday, the Spanish coach should offer the call for friendlies against Sweden (October 7) at the Nuevo Arcángel stadium in Córdoba and the United States (October 11) at the Sadar in Pamplona.

It is assumed that the fractious players will not be there and that Vilda will have to resort to unusual and lower-level footballers. A very serious problem of competitiveness because, for example, the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next summer appears on the near horizon.



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