Javier Hernández talks that there is more indiscipline

The profound crisis of results that Sports Tolima, that except for a soccer ‘miracle’ he will see the semifinal home runs of the BetPlay League on television, for the first time in the last five years, continues to generate all kinds of comments in the national media; astonished by the bad present of the ‘tribe’, which boasted -until three months ago- of having a solid sports project.

The reigning runner-up who also qualified for three consecutive finals in the competition, exploded inside and amid resounding accusations of indiscipline will have to seek 18 points out of 18 possible in the final stretch of ‘all against all’ to avoid catastrophe. Something that, due to the current level of the group, seems like an ‘impossible mission’ that only mathematics can support, and the faith of the technician Hernan Torres Oliveros.

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One of those who was not afraid to point out internal problems in ‘Vinotinto y Oro’, and emphasize events that would alter order, was the journalist from ‘Blu Radio’ Javier Hernandez Bonnet: who did not miss the opportunity, after the ‘pijao’ defeat against Deportivo Pereira at home (1-3), to back up their accusations. And warn that there would be more involved in their delicate complaints.

In Tolima there was tiredness, fatigue, injuries and everything… but also a lot of suck. That mix like that doesn’t work, and the result of that is what we are experiencing. And now don’t go saying that the suck thing is a lie, because the drunk meter already took out oneand I think there are three others that are currently soaking, “said the journalist, who seems to have privileged information.

“They changed the batteries in the drunk meter”

For Hernandez Bonnet, it is undeniable that after his announcements of serious inconveniences in the ‘Vinotinto y Oro’ campus things began to happen. One of them, the controversial exit of the attacker Michael Rangel: who is accused of breaking group discipline, but about which -to date- it has not been said what was that transcendental reason to be the first ‘beheaded’ of the Tolima payroll.

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“I don’t know if it was that they changed the man from the drunk meter, or it didn’t work, the truth is that as soon as the complaint was made in this program it began to work. They changed the batteries… ”, said the communicator, who also dedicated a special ‘chapter’ to the current president of the institution, César Camargo Serrano, who according to his analysis has not had the ‘head’ to be in all the details.

“In Deportes Tolima, and I have to say, there is a kind of short circuit. And not because César Camargo is not capable of dealing with a firm hand, but rather because he spends more time with his father -and I would do the same- about how the treatment is going, the recovery, and the interventions that they do here in the United States to recover from the cancer that he has“, the journalist specified.

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“And that means that -in a certain way- the administration is left in the hands of those who have not had the will to manage internal movements”added Hernández Bonnet, who seems to have hit the ‘key’ in another of the extra-football situations that have marked this troubled season for the ‘Musicals’; that collapsed after the loss of the League 1 2022 final.

Next Saturday (8:15 pm), during the visit to Águilas Doradas, what will be the eleventh of the ‘Tierra Firme’ for the remainder of the year will begin to become official: if it keeps alive a minimal hope of achieving what seems like a utopiaor the painful reality of a club always called to be the protagonist is ratified, since it is not in vain that it is the second with the most presences in the semifinals since the short tournaments are played in the FPC.



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