Japanese player got himself expelled in front of his whole family

Few players in the world can afford to play at the highest competitive level and in a foreign team.

It is normal that the nerves take over some young players and that until now they are beginning to walk the path of becoming the next superstars of the sport. It happened, for example, to a Ghanaian striker who He thanked after scoring two goals, the support of his wife and his girlfriend.

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The turn to muddy it in the debut with his team was for the Japanese Shoya Nakajima, who experienced the disappointment of leaving the field of play just a few seconds after entering.

[Video] Player made family travel to see him and they expelled him after 15 seconds

The footballer received the opportunity to play his first game with Antalyaspor of Turkey, against Adana Demirspo. Encouraged and hopeful with breaking her into the engagement, Nakajima asked his family to travel more than 8 thousand kilometers (from Japan to Turkey) to live with him that magical moment.

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He arrived on the field at minute 58:15 with a big smile. Barely 15 seconds later and before the attentive gaze of his team, he kicked a rival hard. The central judge just showed him the yellow card, but he was called by the Var to review the action for a possible expulsion.

The broadcast cameras focused on Shoya’s family, who couldn’t believe what was happening. Moments later, footage showed the mother, who covered her face with a handkerchief while crying over her boy’s misfortune.

The Twitter account @beINSPORTS_TR followed up on the action and posted the video showing the sequence from Shoya’s entry to his going to the showers:



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