Ivory Coast: Turmoil within the basketball elephants, resignation of the General Manager, FIBB President Mahama Coulibaly tells his part of the truth

© – Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 12:57

Mahama CoulibalyPresident of FIBB (DR)

The Basket Ivorian Ball has been shaken in recent days by a crisis following the resignation of the General Manager, Carlo Viera and to the discontent of the players, after the confirmation as coach of the Serbian-Slovenian technician, Dejan Prokic en lieu and in place of Lezcano Moya Ignacio

Faced with this situation when Côte d’Ivoire has brilliantly qualified for the 5th time in its history for a final phase of the Basketball World Cup, the President of the Federation, Mahama Coulibaly stepped up.

It was during a press conference this Tuesday, September 13, 2022. However, he meant from the start that it should be known that the national team started from scratch to be heroes today, before to return to the case of the former coach.

« Lezcano gave up his post without saying anything to the Federation (…) I wrote to him on July 14, 2022 (…) The letter also had no return from the Head-coach”, argued Mr. Coulibaly .

Referring to the resignation of his collaborator, the FIBB president said he was waiting for an official notification from the latter.

“I discovered like you, on social networks, the resignation of the Team-manager”, revealed Mahama Coulibalybefore adding.

“He is appointed adviser in relation to the diaspora. It was named in the form. I await his resignation in the same form. »

Let’s hope that the FIBB president’s clarifications will bring peace of mind to basket ball lovers in order to calmly prepare future elephant battles.

Donatien Kautcha, Abidjan



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