Iván René Valenciano cried on his return to Win Sports and spoke about his health

On September 13, prior to a flight to Barranquilla, Iván René Valenciano suffered a health mishap that alerted his family, co-workers and hundreds of fans throughout Colombia.

And it is that the ‘bomber’ was rushed to a medical center in Bogotá where he was treated and put under strict review, until he was discharged.

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Thus the situation, in the ‘Sake Long’ program, of Win Sportswhere Valenciano is a panelist, the former player of Junior and the Colombia selection He talked about his situation and, through tears, he thanked for the support he received during the difficult time. She said that he hesitated to return to television, due to the complications he suffered.

“Thank you all for the support, because it was a very complicated situation. I am sincere and I did not plan to return, because the situation was tough. But well, it’s like in football, sometimes it’s difficult when you want to retire, the years go by and you’re still“, said.

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Likewise, Valenciano revealed that he was diagnosed with prediabetes, which is why he will have to change several habits in his life, such as food.

“I’m prediabetic now, before I wasn’t. My whole life has to change, from my diet to the way I live… The most important thing is that I have to know how to live. In 365 days I have barely enjoyed my granddaughters twice, so all that remains is to live, ”he specified.

Finally, the former striker emphasized that his life was saved, thanks to the fact that the plane did not take off on time and this helped the paramedics to treat him.

“Mounted on a plane, flying to Barranquilla… I thank God because it did not come out, because wherever I come out, they take me out of the plane with my feet forward,” he concluded.



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