Italian Paralympic Committee – The first special competition notice for Paralympic athletes of the State Police has been published in the Official Gazette

On Tuesday 27 September, in Rome, at the Viminale offices, the President of the Italian Paralympic Committee Luca Pancalli met the Chief of Police – Director General of Public Security Lamberto Giannini. The purpose of this meeting is the publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, 4th special series “Competitions and exams” of the first special competition notice for Paralympic athletes of the State Police. Present at the meeting the President of the sports group of the State Police “Fiamme Oro” Francesco Montini.
The call provides for the recruitment of 14 athletes registered with the recognized national sports federations of the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP), registered in the lists of athletes of national and Paralympic interest for the disciplines of fencing, archery, target shooting, swimming, alpine skiing and snowboarding. This is a very important novelty for the whole Paralympic movement and, above all, for national sport.
Prefect Giannini commented “the new announcement provides for permanent employment and represents a step towards total equalization between able-bodied and Paralympic athletes. The promotion of the values ​​of Paralympic sport is part of the inclusion path carried out by the State Police for some years now, in everyday life as well as in sports. These athletes, who have become protagonists of important sporting results for Italy, will make a great contribution to our institution ”.
“Today, thanks to the precious work carried out by the State Police and the Fiamme Oro, our country takes another very important step forward on the civil and social level. With this competition, Italian Paralympic athletes will be able to take advantage of another precious opportunity to continue the competitive activity within a sporting excellence of our country, such as the Fiamme Oro, like its Olympic colleagues. The path indicated by the reform, which represented a historic step, therefore continues at full speed in the desired direction. Today I wanted I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Chief of the State Police, Prefect Lamberto Giannini, and to Dr. Francesco Montini for the work done and for the great attention paid to Paralympic sport. This is a decisive contribution to the growth of our movement “. This is what Luca Pancalli, President of the Italian Paralympic Committee declares.
Dr. Montini recalled how “since 2012 the Golden Flames of the State Police have begun to register Paralympic athletes for their sports groups, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the CIP. With this announcement, the athletes will instead become part of the technical-scientific role of the State Police and this represents a unicum in the Paralympic sports groups of the Armed Forces and police ”.



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